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Rad Andys release Now Trending” is an innovative and inspirational musical journey.  This collection of songs spans over a decade of recording and includes 24 tracks.  Enjoy today on GooglePlay,  Amazon mp3, Spotify and iTunes.


Tracks include the collaboration “Gone Away” with Tony Williamson and Don Wright, the classic “Tennesse Waltz”, and a cover of Elvis’s “Love Me Tender”.  Tony Williamson and ¡Rad & Jamez! collaborate on an innovative blend of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Pink Floyd with “Cold / Money / $hot”.  Rad Andy’s original Smile Sessions resurface with the ballad “Song About U” and the “Engineering Song”.  Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” and Avril Lavigne’s “Hot” are also covered.

The album’s 4 live bonus tracks include performances which complete Tony Williamson and ¡Rad & Jamez!’s 2014 recording of the “Dreams & Lies” release show.  This previously unreleased material is a must for collectors of the Real Groove Music Live series.  The album finishes with an encore solo performance from Tony Williamson live in Japan.  The song is “Shangrula” which was originally released on Tony & Rad Andy’s very first collaboration “Push On Thru” under the band name “RIFT”.


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