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January 2017:

The Williamson Brothers: ‘Live At Green Level'


Real Groove Music presents a remastered landmark live performance in the history of The Williamson Brothers.  Affectionately titled ‘Live at Green Level’, this recording celebrates one of Tony & Gary Williamson’s earliest full band musical groups ’The Green Level Entertainers’. Currently available on iTunes and Googleplay, this recording will give your music collection the kickin’ hot pickin’ bluegrass charge you need.   

In the ‘70s and ‘80s, the Williamson were making their debut on the Bluegrass scene, and after making a splash with The Bluegrass Gentlemen and The Green Valley Ramblers, their evolving lineup became known as ’The Green Level Entertainers’.  Gaining momentum on the scene, these musical giants recruited legendary Grammy award winning fiddle player Bobby Hicks and future Prairie Home Companion star Jim Watson, along with singer/guitarist Leroy Savage.  

Playing often in their hometown of Chapel Hill, this recording is from an iconic show in June of 1988.  Playing to a packed house, the quintet chose a familiar setlist full of traditional tunes and bluegrass classics, including a burnin’ ‘Big Mon’, ‘Pike County Breakdown’, ‘Dark Hollow’ and ‘Don’t Be Angry.  In addition, they venture into the world of Bob Dylan, opening with ‘Diamond Joe’ and peppering in a rousing bluegrass version of  ‘Girl From The North Country’.  Preview, stream and download on iTunes and GooglePlay today, and relive an origin show from some of the best in bluegrass!

Summer 2016:

Leap into Bluegrass with the latest addition to our live series, The Williamson Brothers Live in Virginia Vol 2!  Click here  to experience the magic via Amazon MP3:

This album is the sequel to Live in VA Volume 1! Together, these live recordings capture an epic concert performed at the Floyd Country Store by Tony & Gary Williamson.  Backed by a full band, the artists perform many of their hits from the albums My Rocky River HomeLet Us Cross Over The River and Still Light of the Evening. Enjoy it on Amazon (click left), GooglePlay or iTunes below:

Volume 2 starts with a duo performance of ‘Wild Julio’ by Tony Williamson and Don Wright.  Then, the full band gets going with a high energy set.  Not only do they masterfully play classics like “Rovin’ Gambler” and ‘Keep On The Sunny Side’, but they slow it down for some power ballads you may not know them for, like “Slowly” and “If The Back Door Could Talk”.  This recording also features the first ever public performance of “I Miss My Dear Mother And Dad”, a featured single from their studio album “Bluegrass!”. You’ll also enjoy engaging stories between songs along the way.  What are you waiting for? Try it with the player below, then add it to your Amazon mp3, GooglePlay or iTunes collection today!


The Williamson Brothers “Live In Virginia Volume 1”:  An historic appearance at The Floyd Country Store.  Click here or the pic below to enjoy on Amazon Mp3!

 The first installment in The Williamson Bros. ‘Real Groove Music Live’ series.  Alongside a full band, mandolinist Tony and guitarist Gary perform many of their hits from the albums My Rocky River HomeLet Us Cross Over The River and Still Light of the Evening.   Enjoy it on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, and other streaming and downloadable media!   


Beginning the set with New River Train and ending with their theme song ‘Going Back To The Mountains’, this first set is very characteristic of what you would see on tour with these gentlemen around 2010.  Their version of “Dark Hollow” paved the way for it’s feature appearance on Tony’s 2006 release The Low Country All Stars, which fast became one of his most popular albums and featured, among others, Tony Rice and Vassar Clements (the latter lent his last public performance to this work).

 Tony’s version of “Shangrula” is also a highlight here, featuring a scintillating solo mandolin instrumental first appearing with the band “RIFT” on an album called “Push On Thru”.  Brother Gary also steps up with a rare solo performance, singing the haunting ‘Face In The Crowd’ without accompaniment.  A must for the Williamson Brothers’ enthusiest who loves their traditional set and would like a few delightful surprises along the way.


Tony Williamson & ¡Rad & Jamez! “Live In The Triad Vols. 1 & 2”:  A powerhouse performance by your favorite Real Groove Music Artists.  Click here or the pic below to enjoy on Amazon Mp3!

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 Originally released as two seperate volumes, Live In The Triad has been repackaged and re-released to include the full 16 track performance marking these artists release show for the groundbreaking album Dreams & Lies.  Recorded in front of a packed audience in the center of their home state, Tony Williamson, Rad Andy & James Dawkins perform exciting live versions of many of their original songs and delight the audience with a cameo vocal performance from jazz artist Martha Bassett.

This collection is available for download on all your favorite streaming and download music sources, including iTunes, Amazon Mp3, GooglePlay, Spotify and more!

November 1st marked the Trio’s publication of the Real Groove Music signature album “Dreams & Lies”.  Then billing as the Tony Williamson Band, Tony, Rad & James brought some new twists to many of the classic songs on RIFT’s album “Push On Thru”.  The set includes a hot bluegrass rendition of “Push On Through”, an extended jam on “Movin’ On”, and one of Tony’s most popular mandolin driven instrumentals, “Shangrula”.  The opening number “Cherokee” is an instrumental solo performed by Tony in an arrangement popularized by his recordings on David Grisman’s “Tone Poets” series and the vintage mandolin exploration album “Lloyd Loar Mandolins”.  The set is filled out by live renditions of many of the cuts from “Dreams & Lies”, including the popular “Beautiful As They Seem”, the singles “Dawn” and “Wet Lips & Candy”, and some more rarely performed live versions of “Dreams 4ever” and “Thinkin’ About Myself”!  Tony’s hit “Mountain Girl” is also a highlight, and you won’t want to miss the only full band version ever published of “Dreams & Lies” bonus track “Ok 2 B Sad”!

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